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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Your virtual yet very hands-on marketing team here to develop and execute strategies that build brands and grow sales.

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Each client is unique. We learn your business, understand the needs of your customer and leverage just the right mix of traditional marketing tactics with digital and social strategies to win trust and drive leads to your pipeline. Our creative marketing and sales professionals will quickly align with your business to become a virtual extension of your organization, delivering the results of a full-time, dedicated department on a part-time budget.


We'll help you build a digital tool kit that attracts, engages and educates your audience transforming them from prospect to customer.

Aligning your business goals and customer needs with current digital and traditional marketing tactics to deliver measurable results - that's how we do it.

We power a variety of marketing tactics that drive leads into your pipeline. Then we track and nurture your prospects into qualified sales opportunities.

Fresh, intelligent design applied to well-planned strategy ensures the success of your campaign. Not to mention... we beat your deadlines.

CALL: 973-534-8045

Why Choose Us?

We are a nimble, responsive, full-service marketing team with extensive B2B marketing experience, proven results and satisfied customers... just without the expensive overhead. Let us prove it to you! SwajgerGroup is your team.